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Indecision making
October 6, 2010, 8:00 pm
Filed under: Super Street Fighter IV

Time for me to sound like a broken record again! I’m still in the character-selection stage, but after Monday’s session, I feel like I have some rather more sober feelings on the matter. As expected, Adon proved unwieldy outside of his fairly easy to grasp pokes, while Cody proved woefully incapable of mounting any sort of sustained defence in my hands. I spent the weekend training mostly these two, so, having seen how a couple days with the characters of my own choosing faired, I decided to spend the following days leading up to our second session of the week on Thursday playing with Guile, whom I was once again recommended to try out.

A lot of Tuesday was spent just playing casuals with my housemates so I could even get an idea of how to operate a charge character outside of constantly running back. It wasn’t long before the recommendation of Guile began to make even more  sense to me. Staying relatively safe and low-risk from the other side of the screen, lobbing projectiles is something I quickly fell into the groove of, much to my housemates’ dismay and cries of being cheap or boring – usually a good sign I’m doing something they can’t counter. Messing around further with the AI (not a great learning tool, but one that at least gives me a bit more challenge in keeping up that keep-away zoning style of play) proved useful, and helped me get the timing down on some of his more basic anti-airs – though I still have trouble quickly performing Flash Kicks on reaction, an essential tool in his arsenal.

While messing around in Training Mode with a few B&Bs and stock Punishes, I stumbled across execution barriers more frequently than other characters I’d played recently – most notably my initial inability to ever pull off his s.HP xx Flash Kick, one of his most useful punishes, and my continuing problems with the c.LP, c.MP link. The former had me learn some execution tricks, with the swinging of DB up to UB, hitting HP as the stick hits B, but still swinging it fast enough to make the cancel in time. Speed and precision (albeit at a rather basic level, I’m sure) are things I have trouble balancing, and I felt like I’d made some kind of progress by the time I started being able to pull this off semi-reliably. The c.LP, c.MP link, however, continues to elude me. It appears that many people suggest plinking it, and certainly I’ve had some luck in that direction, but plinking is still something that is nowhere near reliable for me as of yet, so I’m not sure I’ll have this ready soon enough to shove into one of the many B&Bs that require it and then learn them, all before the Thursday session. Still, like with Adon and Cody, I’ll see what I can achieve in the time frame given.

The current plan of action for Thursday morning is to wake up at a reasonable time and do some reps of the combos I believe are within my current ability to achieve, mixed in with some more AI practice and possible online matches if I can get a stable connection, to continue to get a firmer grasp on how charge characters play, and how to mix what I’m learning into my game, a step that’s given me trouble even with command characters. Then, regardless of how well this last minute training goes before the session, I’ll hopefully have a clearer idea of what I’ll be doing going forward character-wise once the dust settles in the evening.


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