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Here Comes a New Scrublog!
September 28, 2010, 5:42 pm
Filed under: Life, Super Street Fighter IV

More a personal record of my progress in Super Street Fighter IV than any genuine reportage or interesting discussion, this blog will track at least a portion of my gradual improvement out of the realms of absolute Scrubdom. While something that the last two months have demonstrably proven to me is that this is where my ‘skills’ as such dwell at the moment, I’ve also been given a glimpse of the (to really make things corny for a moment) enjoyment to be had on the road to improvement, and potentially had at those higher levels I’ll strive to attain.

Of course, these are among the all too few things I have learned in the past two months – without a setup to call my own here in Beijing where I’ve been living for that time, my practice is limited to visiting Vanilla-equipped arcades in my scant free time (much of which has to be spent reaching these arcades at all) and the weekly casual sessions members of the Western scene-in-exile over here host. These have been massively helpful in nudging me in the right direction, pulling the rug of false Xbox Live-attained confidence out from under me, and generally showing me some harsh realities when it comes to the numerous bad habits and aversions I’ve picked up in my previous time spent on both Vanilla and Super.

But still, many of the lessons I’m learning from these are hard to put into practice, some of these bad habits hard to eliminate, without being able to practice at a place, on a setup, I can call my own. Thankfully I have, in the last few days, finally set myself up with the former – and so now I can begin looking around for the latter. Exciting times.


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